· Cabrinha Wins the 2017 IDEA Award

Cabrinha Kiteboarding won the coveted International Design Excellence Award for its breakthrough Fireball Control System. Each year, a select number of products and their designers are recognised for their innovative approach to design, in a wide field of categories. The Cabrinha Fireball Control System was selected in the sporting field, winning the Silver award for its innovative, friction-free rotational design. The award is presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America.

The Fireball is here to revolutionise the way riders connect to their kite, and it is the only purpose-built complete kiteboarding connection system. The system moves away from the conventional hook-and-loop standard to a ball and socket design. Giving the rider a connection that is undoubtedly closest to the body, with 360-degree rotation. The ball and socket system of the Fireball allows the rider a wider range of movement with 50% less force on the body.

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