· Construction skills in demand at the 2015 Shriro Group Annual Dinner

Befitting a company engaged in technical business very well, the fun & games part at this year’s Shriro Group Annual Dinner, hosted by Group CEO Mr. Vasco Fung at the Hong Kong Jockey Club, required delicate constructions skills.

The dinner started with encouraging words by Mr. Vasco Fung who reported overall satisfactory results for the Group and expressed confidence that the Group was well prepared to face the currently challenging market environment. Participants enjoyed a delicious Chinese Banquet Dinner as well as the customary Lucky Draw. A lot of fun arose from the games which included the task of building as high as possible a structure, solely using construction materials as delicate as raw spaghetti sticks and adhesive tape. Overall, it was an enjoyable evening for participants from various Group companies as well as visitors from other Shriro subsidiaries in Greater China and South East Asia, and event that certainly marked an auspicious start into the year of the Goat!


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