Shriro Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Shriro Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. was established in 2001 to consolidate the group's various business activities in China. In alliance with the group companies in Hong Kong, the company acts as our front line company in the China market.

Currently, it markets top class technical equipment to the construction and engineering industry as well as cameras and accessories to the photo imaging market.

Technical :

FläktWoods - Ventilation fans
Östberg - Ventilation fans
i-Pulse - SMT machines
Hitachi - SMT machines
GELEC - Lamps & lighting
Durasteel - Fire protection panel

Imaging :

Hasselblad - Cameras, lenses and accessories
Linhof - Cameras and accessories
Carl Zeiss - Lenses and accessories
HPRC - Waterproof and shook absorbent cases
Atomos – Field monitor & recorder
Broncolor – Studio lighting system
Fujifilm – X series camera system
Heliopan – Camera lens filters
ION – Action cameras

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